Upgrade to Yocto honister 3.4

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Upgrade to Yocto honister 3.4

The Yocto 3.4 release (fall 2021), also codenamed “Honister” introduces a couple of breaking changes, mostly related to the syntax. You can take a look at the official migration guide.

The following errors and fixes have appeared while attempting to update a meta-layer to the current release.

Error message:

ERROR: The following required tools (as specified by HOSTTOOLS) appear to be unavailable in PATH, please install them in order to proceed:
 lz4c pzstd zstd

Explanation: The list of build-host prerequisites has changed, so you must install the missing packages, prefferably using the distribution’s package manager. In my case, I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Fix for Ubuntu Bionic or older:

sudo apt-get install zstd liblz4-tool

Fix for Ubuntu Focal or newer:

sudo apt-get install zstd lz4

See also this guide