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Yocto Project Openembedded directories installation variables

The following table provides a list of the variables that are used to control the directories into which files are installed.

These variables can be used directly by the recipe to refer to paths that will be used after the package is installed.

Variable name	Definition	        Typical value
-------------  --------------------    --------------------
prefix	        /usr                    /usr
base_prefix	(empty)	                (empty)
exec_prefix	${base_prefix}	        (empty)
base_bindir	${base_prefix}/bin	/bin
base_sbindir	${base_prefix}/sbin	/sbin
base_libdir	${base_prefix}/lib	/lib
datadir        ${prefix}/share	        /usr/share
sysconfdir	/etc	                /etc
localstatedir	/var	                /var
infodir        ${datadir}/info	        /usr/share/info
mandir         ${datadir}/man	        /usr/share/man
docdir         ${datadir}/doc	        /usr/share/doc
servicedir	/srv	                /srv
bindir         ${exec_prefix}/bin	/usr/bin
sbindir        ${exec_prefix}/sbin	/usr/sbin
libexecdir	${exec_prefix}/libexec	/usr/libexec
libdir         ${exec_prefix}/lib	/usr/lib
includedir	${exec_prefix}/include	/usr/include
palmtopdir	${libdir}/opie	        /usr/lib/opie
palmqtdir	${palmtopdir}	        /usr/lib/opie