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(Yocto Project)
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== Openembedded Debugging ==
== Openembedded Debugging ==
* [[Openembedded debugging]]  
* [[Openembedded debugging]]
* [[Packages information list]]
== Yocto Project ==
== Yocto Project ==

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Welcome on KaeilOS official wiki.

What is KaeilOS

KaeilOS is an OpenSource software framework to create GNU/Linux distributions aimed for embedded devices. Primarily, the project maintains and develops a collection of BitBake recipes. The bitbakes consist of the source URL of the package, dependencies and compile or install options. During the build process they are used to track dependencies, cross-compile the package and pack it up, suitable to be installed on the target device. It's also possible to create complete images, consisting of root file system and kernel. As a first step the framework will build a cross-compiler toolchain for the target platform.

KaeilOS runs in a lot of different plaftforms (x86, PowerPC and ARM) and includes more than 7000 opensource packages and libraries suitable for:

  • Embedded system
  • Desktop
  • Server

Getting Started


Problem solving - Howto

Openembedded Core

Openembedded Debugging

Yocto Project


About us